Exotic vacation in massage parlors in Moscow!

This site presents a sample of several massage parlors, with a description of services and prices.

Full range of services for foreign visitors, located in the center of Moscow and day and night - the perfect place for evening entertainment.

Грудь: 2
Возраст: 20
Грудь: 2
Возраст: 24
Грудь: 5
Возраст: 21
Грудь: 1,5
Возраст: 20
Грудь: 3
Возраст: 22
Грудь: 2
Возраст: 23

Why choose us?

Open 24 hours

Huge selection of all kinds of massage

The very center of Moscow

Private bar and a great atmosphere

Best salons relaxation massage in Moscow!

Personal manager for foreign visitors.

Massage salon «Vanilia»

Massages: relax, relaxing, Thai, aqua foam massage, honey and chocolate, waxing, body wraps and other cosmetic procedures.


Massage studio«Podium»

All types of massage: relaxing, toning, sports, aroma therapy, seaweed wraps, programs in the jacuzzi, infrared sauna.



All kinds of spa treatments, massages: classic, gouache, the current September, tuina, Chinese, Creole and others.


How to spend the evening leisure in Moscow?

Welcome to the spa with a huge selection of massage and beauty services. The best masseuse and a huge range of available treatments.

Only the center and only 24 hours!

Quality and Service 200%!

We guarantee that in our showrooms:

- You provide the highest quality service and hospitality

- Knowledge of foreign languages ​​administrators and masseuses

- Guarantee the largest selection of masseurs and services in Moscow

- 100% purity and sterility

- All masseuse medical education

- 100% return money if service is not performed qualitatively

- We always take you and your friends in any number of clock

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